Roland Keyboard HP506

Hi, I’m quite new to midi and want to connect my digital piano as a midi keyboard controller to my laptop. I’ve been trying to follow instructions in the manual but I still don’t get any recognition of input from my piano into cubase. The HP506 does’t have “midi out” and instead has a USB. So I connect USB out to my laptop USB.

The instructions I’ve followed is to go to Midi Device Manager > Install Device > XG/GM device (I’ve tried both since my roland isn’t in the list)
Then I go to Device > Device Setup > Midi Port Setup : only the MS Wavetable is listed. Should my “device” be there?

So I add a midi track and under Input I only have “All midi inputs”. I feel like if my Roland was recognised it would be here? Under output I have the choice of Wavetable or GM device, but each one I select still doesn’t record anything.

I feel like I’m pretty lost with what to do. Can anyone help? I don’t know if it’s my piano that’s the problem