Roland MC 50 connecting with Cubase 6


I have a hard time connecting my MC50 with cubase 6.
I have it connected via midi to usb and it doesnt recognize the device.

Can anyone help me please?



Aloha R, is this a Roland MC50 MIDI sequencer we are talking? If so read on.

I have not used my MC50 for quite a while but IIRC there is no way
for Cubase to actually ‘see’ the MC50. There is no MC50 ‘driver’ as such.
But the two can be ‘synced’ using ‘MIDI Time Code’. One as ‘Master’ and one as ‘Slave’.

For many years I used the MC50 to record/edit and then playback MIDI events into a sound module(s).

I would connect the ‘MIDI out’ my MIDI controller (Roland GR50) to the ‘MIDI in’
of the MC50 and record MIDI events.

I would then edit (right in the MC50 ha!) and save that info to floppy discs.

Then I would go to my gig and load info from those floppies back into the MC50 and then playback those
MIDI events into a sound module live on stage.

Once I got Cubase I would then record all my MIDI info into Cubase
and then edit and sent that info back out
via ‘MIDI out’ (using MIDI Time Code) to the MC50’s ‘MIDI in’
where I would store that info on a floppy(s) and then repeat rinse repeat. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

So Ronny. Cubase never really ‘sees’ the MC50 but the two can:
1-Send MIDI info back and forth.
2-Sync together using MIDI Time Code.
3-Doing both the above is best.

Good Luck!

BTW if you ARE using the MC50 in a live situation there is a really kool built-in ‘loop’ feature
that can be controlled by a foot switch.
This can be really handy when trying to keep dancers on the floor.
The song can go on and on and on and on etc etc and then come out when you want.
You can even go back in and start the loop again.
All with one pedal and in real time so the dancers never miss a beat.
Go Roland! But where are ya gonna find floppies???

Sorry for the late reply sir. Busy doing music and had another way of doing it.
Thanks very much. i will try your method!