Roland Quad Capture Latency

hi, i’m testing Nuendo 6.06 on Windows 7
i7 3.4 Ghz 32 GB ram

i’m encountering latency when playing with kontakt on my midi keyboard, even at the lowest buffer settings (32)

…the reason i’m writing here is because somehow if i open a similar project on Digital Performer 8.05 the latency is 0! and i can play perfectly in real time.

do you have any clue of what it might be?

thanks a lot in advance, all the best!

adding that even in Reaper latency is 0 and everything works perfectly…

somehow in Nuendo even if i change the buffer and all the other settings inside “device setup” nothing changes…

am i missin anything? i’m new to the windows side as i’ve worked on osx in the last few years, and on osx latency has never been an issue.

all the best!

Buffer affects audio, not MIDI. In Windows there are a couple of things not available on Mac, System Timestamp and Emulated MIDI Ports. There are knowledge base articles on both.

thanks for your help, i will investigate that…but how could it affect just Nuendo and not the other programs?

Apples to oranges…

Maybe if you specified your signal chain…

I’m 100% sure Nuendo is not the culprit. Sounds like a problem related to your computer’s MIDI port. Are you by any chance using the Yamaha MIDI driver? It comes with virtually every Yamaha keyboard and some people install it because they believe it helps with Cubase/Nuendo (being essentially a Yamaha product.) In fact, not only does it nothing to help Cubase, but I’m pretty sure it adds MIDI latency.

Just a hunch, of course, the issue might be related to a totally different thing.

my signal chain is just my midi keyboard (M-Audio Oxygen 88) into the computer. audio device i’m testing is Roland Quad Capture.
i don’t think i installed any yamaha midi driver…i have installed my other audio device drivers which are Yamaha Steinberg MR 816 X but now i’m not using them, just using my USB Quad Capture