Roland Sound Canvas VA support - where??

I know this has little to do with Cubase, but I really need to find somewhere that I can get real support for the Sound Canvas VA software, which I want to use with Cubase. The Roland Tribes forums seem to be pretty dead, and I can’t find a contact point for Roland themselves. I seriously need some questions answered, so if anyone would be so kind as to point in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ll name my next car after you or something, lol. Thanks!

Googling Roland Support brings forth a wealth of answers including contact here in UK.

Thanks. That page says if I live outside the UK, I need to use the contact info for my country (Canada), which in my case is the Roland Tribes forums, from which I’ve gotten zero response after 4 business days. And that was for my second post there. My first post is 9 days old with no response.

BTW, the UK support site won’t even allow me to submit a ticket. It knows I’m not in the UK. :frowning:

I have the Sound Canvas VA and I use it in Cubase. What are your questions?

Actually, through some deeper Googling I was able to hobble together the answers from other forums and such. But thanks for responding. :slight_smile: I will probably start a thread to specifically address the issues I had in getting SCVA up and running, in case anyone else needs to know in the future.