Roland SYSTEM-1 in Cubase [HELP ?]

Hello everyone .
I’m Alex from Romania , and i bought this Roland Synthesizer SYSTEM-1 from website like 2 years ago , i didn’t tryed to activate it by now , only played it as an plug out version like just experiencing the sound itself because i was lack of time.
My questions are :
Did anyone of you had troubles with ACTIVATION of this particular SYSTEM-1 Roland Aira product ?
Does anyone use it in Cubase , and if it does how can i route it firstly ? Because it doesen’t show itself as and controller device and no midi signal is transmited to my computer …
And if anyone uses this , can you tell me why i cannot activate it on ROLAND WEBSITE , because i get all the time the same message alert :
"Activate Product Key
ONLY for “Download Ticket” buyer.
Input key code written on your "Download Ticket” purchased from retailers.

  • “Product Key Code Card” included in your SYSTEM-1, SYSTEM-1m or SYSTEM-8 does NOT need activation. "
    thank you very much