Roland system-1 issues..

a new thing is bugging me, and my computor. This is only happening with Rolands synth, System-1 Aira.

I have the synth in Nuendo as an extern instrument so it pops up as an internal software instrument. I have to untick the MIDI THRU box in preferences in order to record the synth, otherwise it just sound weak and tones are skipped… I t makes my harddrive for audio to crash or something… it just makes a lot of writingnoises and and am forced to shut my DAW down. It is not possible to use the synths arpeggiator either. I have to untick the internal MIDI THRU in Roland and also in Nuendo to use the synth. Its hooked up via MIDI, not USB. I have no problems with my other MIDI stuff, like Rolands JV-1080 MIDIdrummodule TD-12 or my old EPS Ensoniq . Only this AIRA system-1

Is there anyone who is familiar with the problem? please dont hesitate to help me.

Best regards Micke.

p.s Im on Windows 10

I think you’re facing a midi loop problem, hence the crashes and the sound cancellation prior to these.
You should give it a go on USB first as it is reported to work that way.

Hi, now I am using USB. I now can record and use the arpeggiator BUT there is no sound when playing back to System-1. My internal NEK synths is responding like they should. Its just this AIRA that I am starting to hate… What now??

Please help, Micke.

Is your system 1 still connected via External Instruments ?
If yes, do you have the track monitoring engaged ?

If you still can’t get it to sound, try to connect it as normal audio inputs + midi track going to system 1 and engage the track monitoring.