Roland SyStem 8 arpeggiator not triggering via MIDI

Hi all, I am using Roland SyStem 8 with Cubase 12 Pro, and I have not been able to sort out how to trigger via MIDI the arpeggiator that are incorporated in the SyStem 8 sounds. I can trigger notes, but not the arp. I have looked into the user manual and still not working. Any one that has come through this issue and been able to solve it? Please some help. Thanks

Check this thread

especially the bit about „The menu setting you need to control the appegiator externally is to set Remote Kbd ON.“

I sold my System 8 some years ago, so don’t fully remember anymore, but I think this was the setting.

Hi thanks for that. I have tried that already and does not work. I have even thought that maybe my SyStem 8 if faulty or something…

Are you using the actual physical DIN MIDI input or MIDI over USB?

I vaguely remember that this made a difference, not sure anymore though.

I do remember that it was a hassle to get it working, but eventually I managed to do it.

I am using USB, I thought about the MIDI USB cable, but should it not matter? The manual does not specify any difference.

I honestly don’t remember the specifics. But I have some vague memory of hooking up the System 8 via old-school MIDI for some reason and some „what the f… Roland?“ memories related to it :wink:

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I did buy a USB to MIDI cable on ebay and that was it!! Problem solved… what a stupid thing from Roland’s designers to do. I guess if Roland is more MIDI orientated and CV, it makes sense, however it should be in the Manual. Oh well, thanks for your help Steve.

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Glad this little bit of memory didn’t stay around in my brain for no reason! :wink: