roland td 11 k and cubase

Hello out there…has anyone used rolands v drums in Cubase ? im on Cubase 7/ win 7… and want to know if they are looking at the roland td 11 ks…can you multi track them in audio and midi ?
Any thoughts appreciated .
thanks in advance.

You really need to consult the Roland documentation for this. I doubt whether each pad has a separate audio output, so mutlitrack audio is out of the question. Whether it can output each pad on a separate midi channel is also questionable. These would be the key questions to ask however.
I use a Yamaha E-Drum to control an Instrument track hosting an instance of GrooveAgent One which is multi-output capable. This means I have one midi track plus an audio track for each pad which can be individually EQ’d, panned etc. Downside is that you need to use drum samples as opposed to the samples in the E-Drum itself (unless these are exportable or available as files). The latter is not an objection - there are excellent samples available which far exceed many of those “hardwired” in the various E-Drum kits themselves (Cubase/GA1 comes with many samples already installed which rival many kits integral samples) - but that is your decision.

Thx Brihar . yeh you cant do multi audio unless you got the roland td 30 (thousands $).im trying to see which kit to get,i agree there are good sounds in Ga 1.
…back to research…