Roland TR-8 | UR22 | Cubase 8 - how to start drum machine using Cubase?

Hi everyone,

I have an external drum machine (Roland TR-8), the Steinberg UR22 and Cubase 8. I am trying to set things up so that when I press play/record on Cubase’s transport bar, this starts the drum machine in time with the metronome in Cubase. I have connected the midi-out of the uR22 to the midi-in of the TR-8. In Transport > Project Synchronisation Setup, my Timecode Source = Internal Timecode, MIDI Timecode Destinations = 2 - Steinberg UR22-1, MIDI Timeclock Destinations = 2 - Steinberg UR22-1 (Always Send Start Message = checked, Send MIDI Clock In Stop Mode = checked).

When I press play in Cubase, the drum machine doesn’t start, but Cubase’s play head and metronome start. If I then press play on the drum machine it I hear the TR-8’s beat playing, bu it is obviously out of time with the metronome. However, if I then change the tempo in Cubase, this does make the drum machine’s tempo change - so there mist be a working connection of sorts, but even though the tempo change in Cubase speeds up or slows down the drum machine tempo, it still remains completely out of sync with the metronome.

I’ve seen videos where people have the TR-8 (or many other drum machine models for that matter) connected to Cubase so that when you hit Cubase’s play/record button, Cubase’s metronome counts in then the drum machine starts playing exactly in time with the metronome. Any ideas how I can achieve that? Many thanks.

Any ideas where I’m going wrong? - I mean, the question doesn’t have to be specifically for the TR-8. If any kind person could explain how to connect a generic drum machine to Cubase that locks in with the metronome, then I’d be very grateful.