Roland TR8 , recording separate midi tracks

I wonder if there is anyone who could provide advice on using the Roland TR8 drum machine in Cubase Pro 12?

What I want to do is the following:

  • have the drum machine connected by standard midi cables and not USB (the reason for this is that multiple usb connections makes cubase very unstable)

  • Be able to record separate miditracks, so for example one for the kick , one for snare, hihat, clap etc

  • Use my audio interface (Scarlett 18i20) rather than using the TR8s audio interfacing capabilities.

Anyone achieved this? Theres no longer be a project issue because due to updates the TR8 will support 44khz.


Johnny WInto


What kind of device will be on the computer side? Where do you want to connect the MIDI cables to?

You can record everything to one MIDI Track. Then you can go for MIDI > Disolve Part > Separate Pitches.

You can do so. Select the Scarlett’s driver as the ASIO Driver. Of course, you can make the audio connections then.

Im using an ESI M4u midi interface. So midi in and out goes to this and the intreace is connected to my PC via USB. Ive connected it up using 5 pin din midi but the midi data seems scrambled.