Roland TR8S: recording individual instruments into cubase - only 8 mono busses?

Hi, I hope you are all good. I am a novice so any help would be appreciated.

I have a Roland TR8S drum machine. I would like to record each instrument into Cubase Separately. This would be up to 11 separate instruments, plus another channel called EXT IN. apparently.

I have set the TR8s to send out individually. I have also created 12 Mono tracks in Cubase and assigned them to each individual instrument coming from the TR8s.

I have succeeded somewhat, as it works for 8 of the instruments fine. However the rest of the instruments default to record instrument 1.

I have pressed f4 on the keyboard and tried to create more mono busses, but it won’t allow me to make more than 8. Is there a limit to this?

For extra info, it’s all done through USB. I’m using Cubase LE 12 LE AI Elements. Perhaps there is a limit on this version as it was a free upgrade?

Many thanks

There is indeed a limitation on the number of inputs and outputs in Cubase and they differ between version.
Here’s a handy list that compares the features of different Cubase versions.

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Ah ok. That explains it. Atleast it’s working, so that’s good news. Thanks for your help.