Roland ua 1010 Octacapture Nice Interface

I’m looking into buying one of these. Anyone here used it with Cubase or Wavelab and are there any foibles to tell of?

Have a nice weekend all.

Used one of these with Cubase, win 7 64bit. Worked great. No glitches

Thank you. Just ordered one anyways as I can find several uses for that baby.

I can definitely recommend considering this to anyone researching upgrading.
I suppose this really should be in the hardware section but I’ll report any niggles as I get used to it.
And it’s not a one-trick pony, you can take it out and record your band or drums on the fly coupled with a laptop.
No eq on it but then the DAW will take care of that.
10 in 10 out. 8 combo jacks in, 8 jack out, phones. USB connector, s/pdifs coaxial (used for strapping two ua 1010s together).
One button click level settings. Four internal output mixers if you use it for band monitoring purposes or, I suppose, different types of recording usage.