ROLI Loop Block

Good day!
Q-can I use the ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 (I have it) and the ROLI Loop Block controller with Cubasis simultaneously connected to it via bluetooth? And is it possible for Loop Block to manage Cubasis record, play etc
I want to play on RISE 25 and remote control Cubasis
Thank you!

And “one more thing”)) my ROLI Seaboard 25 work perfectly with Cubasis, but frequently loses bluetooth connection

Hi Mitikas,

Thanks for your message.

It works fine to use the Seaboard plus Block controller simultaneously with Cubasis.
As of yet, it is not possible to use the Block to remotely control record, play etc.

So far we’re not able to reproduce the BT connection problems.
Do you have more information about this?


Hi Lars!
Thank you for answer)
About Bluetooth I want to test more in different conditions, may be its just ones.
About Loop Block I think may be it works fine together with keyboard Seaboard Block, but i have Rise 25, anyway for me its more interesting.
So may be there is any other possibility to external control of Cubasis?
Just starting play and record?
Loop Block by itself not too important for me.