Roll Back to 6.5 - File Compatibility.

The CPU spikes and audio drops are killing me in 7 and I have a live performance this weekend so I need to roll back to 6.5. I’ve already squenced a few new files, question, if I roll back to ver 6.5 does anyone know if I will be able to open ver 7 files? I’ve noticed unlike 6.5, when you save a modified 6.5 file it no longer asks if you’d like to make a new copy or convert and save over the old file so I’m hoping the files are compatible.

For those of you who care I just rolled back to 6.5 and it DOES open files saved in Cubase 7. Sucks … I really like the features in Cubase 7 but the spikes are killing me. Hopefully they’ll be a fix soon. :frowning:

Aloha g, Good news.

I seem to remember someone posting that they WERE
able to open C7 files in C6.5.

I’ll see if I can find that post.

I too use Cubase in a live situation each weekend so I chose to leave
C5/C6/C7 on the same machine (see sig) and then open each .cpr
file in what ever app it was made.

This works fine for me.

No need for you to ‘roll back’ (unless you are having
plug compatibility issues b/w C6.5 and C7).

I suggest to just re-install C6.5 (along side C7) and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

HTH (hope this helps)

That was my next question, if I could install 6.5 on the same computer. Nice! Thanks

Here is that post:

Might be worth the read.

Yes I always keep the old version on my PC - evwery update, its common practice, for reasons suhc as above.

the best thing is just keep both on ya daw … it will open 7 files and it will do everything else … just make certain that you are not over reliant on the c - strip.
one more thing … you can run both together … :ugeek: