Roll By 2nd Mix

ive tried to get the level of the acoustic more in line ,i still want it big .anyway hopefully it doesnt sound like a sore thumb anymore. :mrgreen:

I like this song! It kept me till the end. I hadn’t heard the first mix. I see what you’re trying to do with the acoustic in the one part. It’s not so much that I think it’s too strong but that it drops back too far in the mix after it’s 4 bars in the spotlight. I really had to listen for it before and after. Aside of that, the song sounds natural and has a good hook.
Keep up the good work!

sounds really good here on my %$^%$#@# amazing brand new Adam A77X’s, I’m so glad I bit the bullet and spent some dosh…really like your guitar work, wish I could play like that…can’t help wondering if you were up a semi-tone you might sing better though…just wondering…as you do…not saying your singing aint good it just always seems to work for me if I up the song a semi…best, Kevin

Hi Will, thanks for liking the tune and your input. as regards the acoustic popping in abruptly , i was trying to just use elements when they were needed instead of having them tinkling away in the background cluttering things when it was nt really needed .anyway i know what you mean cause when i was mixing it i felt i was being a bit abrupt, ill have a look at that again ,thanks

hey hey!,happy new speakers ,i look forward to hearing your new mixes.thanks for your comments , i might try singing up a key but that tune is in a good guitar key (A) and a few open strings are used . i don`t take my singing voice seriously anyway ,it is ok for singing harmonies ,i always have other people in mind to sing my stuff ,i do it purely for reference and to give people an idea of what i want melodically.cheers

I like your singing. The mix sounds great to me. I have to listen more closely and see if I can figure out how you position things with delays and such to give it such a full sound. Also like the way you brought in the acoustic. Now what was that guitar on the lead solo? Sounds fendery.

Cheers Early ,I might even take up singing again after that nice comment , yes I was definitely using delays to fatten stuff up ,I would just take the old double delay plugin and put it in the insert and put a 50 ms delay on and pan it somewhere a bit opposite ,I did it with most things after reading an article by Mark Gifford of harmony central ,but what he does is sub divide the delay times by the actual tempo of the song just to make it more precise with the tempo of the tune, I couldnt be bothered with the maths so I just used 50ms and then I just fade in the delayed signal to taste, thanks for commenting about it ,it must have come across not too bad. Yes the solo is a Strat , but one wired so that the bridge and neck pickup can be switched on together ,to try get a Telecaster sound it also has a capacitor fitted so that when I turn the guitar volume down I dont lose any brightness, actually the more you turn the volume down the brighter it gets ,I have an on/off switch fitted to turn the cap off if I want ,I think these capacitors are standard on most Teles ,I played it through an effects pedal and recorded the compressed signal so unfortunately its stuck like that ,a bit over compressed

Interesting. Will have to find that article by Mark Gifford. I’ve mostly used mono delays on a send.

Also interested in the guitar. I had found a site that showed how to modify a strat so that you could connect two of the pickups in parallel to give it a humbucker-like sound. I was thinking of doing it, but haven’t had the courage to mess with my old strat. Is it that sort of modification?

It was this site:

You are getting great tones from that guitar.

thanks early ,i will try find the article it may have even been craig andertons mixing tips ,i get confused with those two .but it was a collection of tips i downloaded from somewhere, it was a few month ago when i read them so i will have to dig them out. as regards strat wiring the description you give is not the one i use ,i have never tried that particular combination but i may one day . the one i do is on the"" .. link you gave me .one which will work is-"Adding a "neck on" switch"under the heading of "Modifications by Others". by the way thanks for the will come in handy. maybe you should acquire a cheap strat copy to experiment on ,guitars are very basic inside ,they are about one step up from changing a light bulb ,lol .and strats are as tough as old boots. if you only use the guitar in the studio you could try the "Individual pickup control" the Tele volume knob style capacitor sound comes under "Placing a high-pass capacitor on the volume control" this is great for when you turn the volume down but you want to keep all the high frequencys

just to expand a bit .even though i use the double delay which is a stereo plug i pan its own left and right pan to the same side, and in effect then becomes mono.