How to roll back?

I’ve just updated to C6.0.5 (Win 7), and I find to my dismay that I can’t fully reload previous recent projects
created on 6.0.2. It doesn’t really matter for the purposes of this thread, but Amplitube 3 and Superior Drummer now have problems passing audio thru/loading…

I’d like to roll back to 6.0.2, but I’ve never done a rollback before. Do you have to completely uninstall Cubase, rerun the installer and reupdate to the revision of your choice? Or is there a quicker way?

Thanks for your help…

Patches constitute separate entries in Windows Add/Remove and can be exposed via 3rd party applications.

I use revouninstaller but be careful it does not take out the whole program, ie presets and everything but as a precautionary measure, back up any files in the Application Data Folder beforehand.

If you decide to remove the app before re-installing, presets will remain as they are seen as being separate to the program itself, ie they can be read by additional programs (or versions) on the system but having said that maybe you could save presets from your legacy plugins as VST3 preset files and reload them in a new instance or otherwise update plugins as necessary.

Thanks for your help!