is there any way of downloading 6.0.5 update?,as at the mo when i shut down cubase i get the"cubase has stopped working" message. im using 6.0.6 64bit pc.


There is Cubase on the FTP of Steinberg. But there is no 6.0.5. :-/

You can roll back without the installer.

Open ctrl panel/programs & features.
Click on view installed updates.

Cubase 6.06 update should be listed, click on it & uninstall it.

i have just downloaded the new update 6.0.7 and im still gettin this problem.any solutions how to solve it?

Search the forum for “crashing on exit”…it’s something of a minefield with lots of posts with some finding a solution & others not…Waves 9, Graphics drivers, Altiverb, Alphatrack, Windows updates, Not running as admin are all listed as possible causes.

ok thanks.