Rolling back to 7?

Nuendo 8 is unusable for me - Mainly due to issues with “Direct Offline Processing”

Batch processing and macros have always been essential parts of my workflow, and since RX Connect was introduced it has become one of my most used tools. “Direct Offline Processing” seems to have broken these and Steinberg don’t seem to be interested - they say that the RX Connect issue is Izotopes problem.

Would it be be too difficult to bring back the old “Process” function as an option alongside “Direct Offline Processing”

For now I’m back to Nuendo 7. Interested to hear if many other users are too.

unfortunately till rx connect issue is not resolved I moved back to N7, We have 5 nuendo 7 licences in our studio, purchased only one upgrade to N8 so far and won’t be moving on with the rest till this is resolved.


I’m still holding out on 8 currently - I have a few crashes per day but they are almost all related to Direct Offline Processing and 3rd Party Plugins. At the moment I’m trying to use only the Steinberg Stock VSTs for offline processing where possible which improves stability for me and makes 8 usable.
Though if I would need to do a lot of offline processing with 3rd Party Plugins (or use RX Connect) I would roll back to 7 as well.

I would like to because of DOP and the Mac GUI issues, but I can’t go back to 7 because I’m too entrenched in some of the new features of Cubase 8.5 (and by proxy 9) that I used all of the time for composing. But I’ve “rolled back” to Cubase 9 for existing projects because offline processing works perfectly there, and I’ve “rolled back” to Pro Tools for all new projects because the GUI issue on both Cubase and Nuendo forced my hand on that.

I eagerly await being able to come back to Nuendo. There is silence from the mods on the Nuendo forum on these showstopping issues, which is incredibly disappointing from a customer satisfaction point of view. An acknowledgment that they are working hard to fix them would be very welcome.

N8 is completely unusable for any serious work, imho.

Agreed. I spent $1400 with nothing to show for it and am rightfully very angry and disappointed. I’m thinking about trying to get a full refund – life’s too short for this kind of stuff and I might just go another route and/or upgrade later whenever they get this stuff working like a top-of-the-line DAW should. Based on what I’ve seen here and the Cubase forums from the past, I’m not optimistic at all time-frame-wise, and could use that money for something else. I truly wish it were different, and I’m not being a troll here at all – I just want to be able to use this awesome software in my professional work, and right now I can’t.

You could just use Nuendo 7. That’s still worth the full price.

I wish I could, but for me I can’t because I started with Cubase 8.5 (am now on C9) and am very used to some of the newer features it has which N7 doesn’t. I’m not gonna go into what those are right now, but some of them are very important to how I work because it’s all I’ve known in the Cubendo world.

I have major issues with N8. It’s blacklisted a lot of plugins that have new updates, like the RX6 from Izotope, all my Arturia synth plugins. The list goes on. I understand the 32bit issue, but to be honest…I’m not worried about that. At least if I could get to see what the main engine is like, it would be a bonus. And, NO, I refuse to pull all my VST’s out of their folders in order to find the issue. It is time consuming.
That was a bug from many years ago with Early Nuendo programs.
Any idea what to do and how to actually rectify this issue?
When I start to reactivate them, N8 crashes, and I have to go through a process of deleting the Blacklist from Prefs and start again, only to watch it blacklist the same things. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH. WHY OH WHY can’t things like this be fixed before they are allowed out the cage? :question:

I can’t help with your issues, but just FYI, all of the Arturia plugins are still working here with N8, but I am on Windows not Mac.