Rolls not cutting off/ending properly


I’m having a very strange issue. I recently got SonuScore’s The Orchestra Complete and have been experimenting with it in Cubase as my first paid sound library. My issue is simple, but baffling. When I get to bar 24, suddenly all of the snare drum roll sounds (B3 on the unpitched percussion patch) become endless, i.e. they don’t stop at the end of the note like they do up until that point.

I can’t find any reason why this should be happening, and Best Service was completely unhelpful when I asked them about it. I should note these are all MIDI tracks (imported from Sibelius), though the snare drum rolls were added by hand (since they were imported as a bunch of repeated notes).

If I start playback AFTER the messed up rolls, they’re silent, but if I start anywhere with them in play, they keep rolling until I stop playback. I tried making a duplicate track, but that had the same issue. I’ll try loading up a fresh track and see if it’s some weird artifact from the import? If anyone has any ideas or advice I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m so new to this stuff I don’t really know how to search for this properly.

I’m running on Windows 10 and using a Steinberg UR22mkII Audio Interface and a Roland A-500 Pro keyboard (though I’ve barely used the keyboard in this project).

Thank you for your time and assistance!


Try to increase or decrease Buffer Size, please.

Does it help?


I made a brand new track rather than duplicating the messed up one and just rewrote the rolls (in this case the piece is short enough that that only took a few minutes) which fixed it, but I’d still like to know how to do that. I’m such a noob here I don’t know what buffer size is or how to control it. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction please?