Roman numerals / figured bass / analysis

I get the impression that Roman numerals for chord spelling are not available - which is a bit of a shame -
But what options are there to simply add my own text at the correct spot for analysis purposes?
Might very well be mix and match… for example I have a chord progression just now which is analysed with a few i - IIc7 - viio (that’s supposed to be chord vii diminished!!) and things like that - easy with pencil and paper - but a nightmare on computer…

I see there is figured bass now - but could I hijack a 6/3 symbol for example and have it floating somewhere in the page rather than under the bass note? as part of a progression written in text?

If there were a way of just creating the free text with brackets and move around where I want, that would do really, as long as all our musical symbols were available of course.

The reason for doing this is sketching and analysis, ( could be Schenkerian, but not necessarily )

Here’s a project file you can copy-paste from: Dorico Resources — Dan Kreider

It doesn’t have every iteration, but all the basic ones.

You need Finale Numerics font BTW.

Shift-X Text attaches to any rhythmic position.

Lyrics can attach to any rhythmic position and “intelligently” hyphenate between “syllables” - there’s a question as to whether you want that intelligence. If you need to place hyphens in specific places, you can use non-breaking hyphens (which are Alt-hyphen or Shift-Alt-hyphen depending on your operating system).
The advantage (or perhaps disadvantage) to Lyrics is that they’ll vertically align across each system automatically.

Playing Techniques are another possibility but are probably overkill.

I wonder how hard it would be to create a font that handled these iterations natively?

EDIT: never mind… GitHub - MarcSabatella/Campania: Font for Roman numeral analysis (music theory)

I achieve what for me are acceptable results by using Campania font as a lyric line and place the figured bass in the middle of the Grande Staff:

Maybe I’m just a grump, but to me Campania has some kerning problems. It’s pretty good, though.

One thing that would help is allowing descenders for the stacked numbers. Not sure how tricky that would be.


That’s the best solution for me I think - thanks -
And I found a site with a superscript generator online so the two things combined I think will probably nail this.