Roman Numerals for strings

I have noticed one, unanswered comment on this problem, but is it possible to use Roman numeral string indicators e.g. I, IV etc. As a string player, this is the system I am used to: the arabic numerals are very confusing, as they look like fingerings …?

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I don’t think Roman numeral indicators are provided by default, but you can create your own as custom playing techniques. If you click the Save as Default star, they will then be available in all future projects.

OK thanks! odd all the same …

I agree with pwn.alt. Either one uses, for instance, sul G or sul IV. I have never encountered sul 4.



Just ‘IV’ will do, ‘sul’ is redundant.

It is quite easy to change, as Lillie_Harris says, but I’m puzzled by a 3 in a little circle as a string indication: I have never seen that, and I have seen a lot of scores … but problem solved all the same.

When engraving guitar music, circled arabic numbers are standard for string indications. I suppose that is where it comes from in Dorico.

Circled numbers as string indicators are in use for guitars (and probably many more plucked instruments), but for bowed strings they’re not just unusual, but plain wrong. See Gould, p.394

Indeed PjotrB, that is what I’ve been implying. But I’m just learning Dorico, so still unsure of what its conventions are. At least there is a simple workaround.

Dorico’s conventions aren’t really different from those established in professional engraving. I’m pretty sure the development team actually aims to comply with most of them, but this feature just needs a little more of their precious development time. We’ll have to be patient. So many instruments, so many styles and traditions, so many rules and exceptions to consider…

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+1 for feature request for roman numerals for string fingerings. That’s standard notation practice since 19c.