Roman Numerals in Condensed Lyrics

Why do these roman numerals appear in my text when I select “condensing”, and how do I get rid of them?

Presumably they are the indicators for the Second part on the top staff and the First part in the bottom staff.

You can delete them in Engrave mode, I think.

Condensing doesn’t really work well for vocal staves (It’s not like you need separate parts…!); you’re better off using a Choir instrument and Up/Down-stem voices, and Staff Visibility changes as needed.

Thanks - yes I was able to hide those with engrave mode.

FWIW - I use condensing with hymn and choral music all the time, it is my primary use case for Dorico. It requires a few little tricks to get it the way I like it, but it usually works quite well. Apparently I don’t very often write different lyrics for different voices. :\