Roman Numerals on Dorico Elements

Is there anyway to input Roman numerals on Dorico Elements, either natively or using a font-based workaround? I am considering purchasing Elements, but I want to be sure that this is possible (even if it involves a workaround).


I assume Elements has lyrics. That’s what I’ve been using. For something like V64, that’s exactly what I put in (not bothering with upper or lower numbers… what the heck’s the name of those things?!)

Welcome to the forum, Henry. Neither Dorico Pro nor Dorico Elements has a proper built-in feature for Roman numerals just yet, though it’s certainly something we’re planning to add in the future.

Dorico Elements doesn’t allow you to create your own paragraph styles or indeed edit the default font used by built-in features like lyrics, so you wouldn’t find it easy to switch to using e.g. Marc Sabatella’s Campania font, but you could always ask somebody (e.g. me) to make you a simple template that uses a suitable font for Roman numerals as (say) the font for chorus lyrics.

So, if I understand correctly, the template would have the lyrics font preset to e.g. Campania, and then I would begin from that file (using File > Save As…) every time that I want to do Roman numeral analysis in Dorico Elements? That sounds like a reasonable solution. Thank you!

Yes, that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Give this a try: input some notes into this project, then type Shift+L for lyrics, and press up arrow once to change the popover to input chorus lyrics – the popover will show “C” instead of a number to show you’re inputting chorus lyrics. That should then use Campania by default. Of course you also have to install the Campania font on your system! (136 KB)

Thank you very much, Daniel! Your template works like a charm!

For any Mac users reading this in the future, a heads-up: it seems that the Campania font needs to be installed for all users. Either adjust the preferences in the Font Book application so that it is installed for all users, or otherwise manually copy the font to the /Library/Fonts/ directory.

This works great indeed. Thanks, Daniel!