Roman numerals?

3.5 looks awesome - just fired it up. Figured bass is a GREAT addition - but I’m surprised it does not come w/ the option to enter Roman numeral analysis (which I imagine is a far less specialized, far more universally used system?)

I guess that waits until 4.0?

Don’t want to be a naysayer tho - the updates and improvements look great, well worth the $60. Dorico team - you rule.

I doubt whether roman numeral analysis is more widespread or less specialized than figured bass. In schools, yes. But I have never seen actual performance scores with roman numerals, and countless ones with a figured bass part (mainly of pre-1750 music of course).

I refer you to the Version History, where this specific point is addressed. See page 24:

Dorico 3.5’s support for figured bass is not intended to meet the requirements of using figured bass as part of a broader set of notations used in academic writing for harmonic analysis, but expanding the tools for harmonic analysis is also planned for future releases of the software.

Functional symbol system is coming! (eventually)

Check out this thread:
There are a few workarounds that should work for you in the meantime.

There’s also the complication that US and UK systems of functional analysis with Roman numerals are fundamentally different. But I have no doubt that the developers are well aware of all that.

Cool. Thanks for the workaround - and glad to know it’s coming eventually!