Ronnie and The Cyclones - Rights of Man / Berendans

OK, music lovers - look the other way for a few minutes.
For the rest of you, here’s my virtual band Ronnie and The Cyclones with two cute traditional tunes, Rights of Man and Berendans. There’s a history of the tunes in the video.
Good luck.

I love it! :sunglasses:

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I like that too! Very refreshing this waterfront… :nerd_face:

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Thanks folks, much appreciated!

Nice stuff! I’ve been a longtime fan of people like Fairport Convention, Steeleye Span, and Horslips. They may all have had their heyday before your time, but I’ve always loved this kind of stuff. Well done.

You had me at “look the other way”! Love the spirit of this music.

Thanks all.
Swetch - I’m afraid I’m well old enough to remember Fairport and the others!
I’ve been playing folk-rock (we call it barn rock) in the ceilidh band I’m in - here in Warwickshire, UK for the last 40 years!

Nice romp through some trad music…very enjoyable.

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