Room Correction


When doing room correction, it makes sense to do it for each set of speakers you have, right? You just need to remember which instance of the plug-in to switch on/off, depending on which speakers you’re listening to, right?

Just trying to see my thoughts out loud.



This would be a good reason to use Control Room. If I remember correctly you can have different paths set up for different selected playback systems, each with different insert-chains. At the press of a button you can then switch between solutions that are all independently adjusted.

true - I can’t think of a good reason NOT to use Control Room even if you don’t use room correction ?

You are right.
That is how you need to do it.

Newbie question.

How does control Room benefit you? I don’t have a control room.

Are you responding to Dr.?

You don’t need a ‘literal’ control room in order to benefit from its functionality. With it you can accomplish several convenient things.

  • You can assign key commands to many of CR’s functions

  • You can have different speaker selections with their own inserts/correction/bass management applied to them.

  • You can upmix/downmix.

  • You can set up different sources for monitoring, and switching between them doesn’t interrupt the signals in the regular mixer. This way if you’re in post-production you can have one source for dialog editing in mono on a single center monitor out of a 5.1 setup… or switch to monitoring only the M&E mix… or the DME… or the FX…

  • You can reverse rear channels to the front.

  • Separate level control: You can have a reference level set up that you can toggle on/off.

  • Separate level control: You can set levels freely.

  • Separate level control: Dim to predetermined value.

  • AFL/PFL…

Definitely worth looking at! :open_mouth: :blush: