Room for accidentals (cross staff)

What is the best way to resolve the clashes involving accidentals in places such as the attached? I’ve tried setting ‘gap to left of leftmost accidental’ to 1 space, but even that isn’t enough in some instances, and it’s a good deal bigger than the default of 1/4. Are the clashes related to the use of cross-staff beaming?

It’s a combination of cross-staff beaming and the layout option “Use optical spacing of beams between staves” (under Note Spacing). This setting distorts the rhythmic spacing of the entire system to make the stems within a beam equidistant—and as you can see, at any cost. Unfortunately you can only toggle this option for the entire layout, so probably you will have to do some manual respacing of these bars in Engrave mode.

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Thanks for the explanation. I’ll proceed as advised!