Roomworks feedback

Occasionally, room works starts spiking.

There are no excisive levels or anything like that.

I have it set to 100% wet and 40 percent efficiency, whatever that is.


and how can I avoid it?

EDIT: in fact, while I was writing this post and nuendo was stopped… it started spiking again.
though it’s barely audible, output meters registered +100dbfs.

what is the story with this?

This spike happens at the same place in the program every time.

For now, I’ve fixed it by automating the “efficiency” knob to a higher number during this part… it worked.

I looked over all the automation on the FX channel and there is none (other than the efficiency lane) that would make anything change in the verb.

I don’t understand

I don’t think it is totally related to the plugin. I have had instances where in a project, it would stutter at the same place every time. I was never able to figure out what was causing it. Maybe edits down the timeline a little being real-time processed? Not really sure if the audio preload or whatever it is called handles all the audio. Maybe you could try shortening the load to see if the position of the anomaly changes?

Just shooting in the dark. I was never able to figure it out.