Roomworks plug-in causes Wavelab to hang

Have been using Wavelab 7 OK. I now want to remaster a song edited in Cubase. Load into Wavelab (Build 600 7.2.1 64 bit) and activate Compressor and Studio EQ Plug-ins - all is well. Now activate Roomworks Plug-in (have used this before OK) and Wavelab hangs. Any ideas? Have trashed preferences. Machine is Mac Pro 12 core running latest Lion with 17GB RAM. I have tried different songs - but it’s the same. As soon as Roomworks is activated, Wavelab hangs.


Possible to try and run with 32-bit OSX ?

regards S-EH

I just discovered today (10/19/2012) that both RoomWorks and RW SE crash my MacBook Pro machine running WaveLab 7.2.1 (Build 600) - 64 bit under Mountain Lion. However, both plugins work when I run WL in 32-bit mode. Perhaps this a 23 vs 64-bit incompatibility? Hopefully Steinberg will provide a fix.
On a related matter: The fan in my MBPro revs up when running 64-bit WL. The fan runs at normal low speed when I run the 32-bit version.