Roomworks plug-in Missing in new 6.5

Hi, recently installed fully purchased Cubase 6.5. Needing to add reverb in my work, but when I go up to Plug-ins, Roomworks, Roomworks SE, and REVerence…and ALL of the plug-ins for that matter, cannot be selected - they are faded out as if they have not been installed. Did I miss a step in installation or do these plug-ins have to be purchased separately? Any help appreciated.

I am sorry for the trouble. Do you have the same problem in a new empty project with a single audio track? Can you post a screen shot of what you see when you attempt to load the plugin?

Chris, thank you for your response. I purchased the software by recommendation of 8dio, a sampled instrument company, that you may be familiar with. I am using the software to score a film that I am making. I also have Kontakt to utilize their samples. Otherwise, I am not using any other instrumentation. Is it that the Cubase plug-ins don’t work on these instruments because they are sampled…or is it that the Cubase plug-ins just don’t work or aren’t installed? Here is a screen capture. For example, one of the sampled instruments that I use from 8dio is an oboe. It desperately needs reverberation and so it is frustrating that I can’t add any to it. :frowning: Thanks for any help, I truly appreciate it.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 3.46.15 AM.jpg

In case you need a quick workaround:

Download epicverb from
Or try

These are all decent reverbs and they’re FREE.

You are trying to apply an audio process to a MIDI event and the software does not work this way.

To add Reverb to a virtual instrument, I would suggest going to Project, Add Track, FX Channel. Load an FX channel with Roomworks, then use the Sends from the Virtual Instrument track (not the MIDI track) to send signal from the Instrument to the Reverb.

The process you are attempting to access is off-line processing for audio. The event would have to be an audio file, then you could apply reverb to it. However, this is not the way most users apply reverb because it can be confusing to go back and adjust it at a later time in your mix, so I’d suggest using an FX Channel there as well. I hope this information is helpufl.

If you are totally happy with your midi parts and will not be editing them in midi format, you can also do an export mixdown and bring them back (check the right box in the mixdown window) into the project as audio. Then they will be audio tracks.

And here Chris makes a good point, for either format (midi or audio), it is typically best to create an FX channel and add the efx there. Well, unless your DAW is overworked by the ‘live’ process.