RoomWorks SE resource use?

RoomWorks SE sounds fantastic but it’s also very resource hungry.
On my iPad 2, it pegs the CPU meter and starts crackling, so it’s basically unusable for real-time reverb.
In contrast the stock Cubasis reverb barely even moves the CPU meter when engaged.

Are there any settings in RoomWorks SE that might reduce the CPU drain?
Maybe a future upgrade could have a “light” mode that sacrifices some quality for less resource consumption?

Cubasis rocks, nice work Lars and team!

Hi 642Carl,

Many thanks for your nice comment on Cubasis, greatly appreciated by the team!

Cubasis is designed and maintained to run on a wide range of supported iPad devices.
RoomWorks SE provides high quality reverberation which can come at a cost, especially on slower devices,

Please give these suggestions a try when using RoomWorks SE:

  • Make sure to assign RoomWorks SE as a send effect. This allows to use one effect for several tracks (use the send fader of individual tracks to set the amount of reverb)
  • Increase polyphony and decrease latency values in setup
  • Consider track freeze to bounce tracks that contain instruments and effects to a simple audio track

Hope that helps!


Thanks Lars,
I will try all your suggestions, if anything in particular provides the best results, I’ll post it here for the community.
I realize I’m using an older device, but Cubasis is stable and performs excellent, it now forms the center of my home studio setup!


Using the reverb as an Send didn’t make a difference in my case as I had previously used a single instance as an insert on the Master (stereo out) track.

Setting Latency to Medium (lowest setting) made the biggest difference and reduced CPU use quite a bit.
I’m only engaging the reverb on mixdown so this works fine for my needs, thanks!

Glad to hear that RoomWorks SE works fine in your setup, 642Carl!