Roomworks SE


Ive noticed an issue with Roomworks SE when putting the Reverb Time to a minus value (-x.xx)

I know that reverb cannot be done in a minus format however I accidentally entered -3.00 instead of 3.00 and it gave me -nan(ind) s

Doing this then cuts out the audio from the channel (both an instrument or audio channel) and you need to unload the plugin to gain back the audio from the channel.

The steps to replicate this issue is :

1 - Load up a new fresh canvas (it will happen in any existing project)
2 - Insert Audio Channel
3 - Insert an audio file.
4 - On the channel select the e for ‘edit channel settings’
5 - On the insert select the plugin ‘Roomworks SE’
6 - Play the channel to hear the audio
7 - Change the Reverb Time to a minus value (eg : -3.5)

At this point the Reverb Time will show -nan(ind) s and the audio will cut out.

The lowest value this can take is 0.10 and if you enter the value 0.00 it will auto set to 0.10 so i think if any value less than 0.10 including a minus figure should auto default to 0.10.




Confirmed and reported to Steinberg CAN-23707.

Brill thanks!

Hi Martin,

This was never picked up during the 10.0.40 update. How does it work with regards to issues & Steinberg resolving them?


You are right, it has not been fixed in Cubase 10.0.40.

Someone from management decided to work on more important bugs.