Root note and tune wrong when importing sample from Wavelab?

I seem to have a strange problem, not sure if this is a bug or what.

I have a bunch of samples that were created in wavelab Elements 8. The samples have a key set and a detune. For example C1, -2. When I import the sample into Halion 5 the root key gets set to B0 with a tune of 98 instead of a root key of C1 with a tune of -2. If I manually correct them they sound right, if not they are off.

My samples in wavelab elements 8 that have a key set and a positive detune work correctly. For example a key set to D0 and a detune of +5 show up correctly in Halion 5 when imported.

Not sure if this is a wavelab issue or a Halion issue.

Are you sure you have the same sample rates? (e.g. 44.1k vs 48k)

All the samples are the same sample rate

Hi DodgingRain.
The same happening here.
Halion 5 and wavelab elements 8.
You could post the issue in Wavelab forum as well.
Maybe someone there knows what’s going on.

No luck there yet. You would think if steiny wanted to push halion5 as a competitive sampler this kind of stuff that slows down library builders would get fixed. Or maybe Steinberg doesn’t use wavelab to create instrument sets for halion?
I suppose I could build an app to pull apart a wave and look at the header info in it to see if this is a halion or wavelab issue but that would take more time than I want to waste on this.