Rosetta 2

Should I need to enable Rosetta 2 mode (Mac M1 Monterey). When not activated I get an error message ( plugins GA Classics, Rev X Room, Rev X Hall, could not be found. When I enable Rosetta these plugins load successfully . I’ve read in the official Steinberg support that CB 12 is Apple Silicon compatible so I am a little confused. Has anyone else come across this issue?

make sure you have installed the latest updates off all plug-ins, please. Then you can run it without Rosetta.

Are Rev X and GA Classics ported to apple silicon native already? I thought they are still intel only?
@Terence_Pearce1 if you need intel only plugins, you have to enable rosetta. Cubase runs natively on apple silicon can only use native plugins.

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Thanks for your help. As far as I can see I have the latest version of Basic FX Suite so I am also wondering whether they are compatible too, as Basic FX Suite fails to be found when Rosetta is not enabled. I also can’t find any reference to this issue. I have raised a ticket with Steinberg but no reply yet.