Rosettenville Veranda 1980

Winter afternoon daydreaming on my veranda in Rosettenville, Johannesburg South Africa, was a favourite thing of mine to do when I was a boy. The warm winter sun shining through the glass used to make me fall into a daze and forget about the world around me. Everyday in winter when I returned from school Fat Cat would be baking in the sun on the window sill. She taught me how to do it. This song was inspired by those care free moments.

Rosettenville Veranda 1980

Nice guitar sound on this. Guessing you were using the tune mainly as a basis for some extended guitar playing. The backing refrain did strike me as being somewhat “African” in its rhythm and notes played. The drums were well done, but any kind of bass part didn’t really stand out that much. Maybe you didn’t care for that to happen, but my personal feeling was that the song might’ve benefited from a bit more of a bottom and/or bass presence.
Your descending refrain at the end reminded me melodically of Stanley Clarke’s Return to Forever era song, Vulcan Worlds. Vulcan Worlds is a very different type of song, but a descending refrain in that is a close cousin of what you did on this track.
If this gave you a good and comfortable feeling creating and listening back to it, that’s terrific. It’s nice when music can evoke those types of feelings or emotions.

Hey Swetch, thanks for that terrific feedback, you are right, the bass is basically just running along with the key of the song, I did not really want it to get too involved but now you have me thinking lol.

The African rhythm you picked up on it spot on, it’s probably cos i was living in Africa at the time I wrote that riff (I was born there) and I wrote it many years ago but have not ever done anything with it. I just ran along with it and let happen what ever came naturally, moving forward I plan to pay more attention to the structure of things and definitely to the bass lines, I am still trying to learn more about bass playing.

I listened to that Stanley Clarke track, thanks for that, I have never heard it before. Awesome playing, love discovering great stuff like that!