ROTARY produces a very low freq noise 8.0.10

This only happens in a mono audio track.

Rotary plugin is producing a low (below 30hz or so) rumble or noise even just inserted and in stop mode…you can see it clearly in the output of the channel.

  1. Create a mono audio channel
  2. Insert rotary plugin

Sorry - can’t repro anything like that here…

Couldn’t see in your sig… what OS are you on…? 32/64 bit…? Cubase Pro/Artist/Elements…? Compare to mine and see if something there might have a bearing on why I’m not seeing your issue. Maybe.

Wow…interesting…I’ve just tried to reproduce it and screen capture, but I couldn’t ! Yesterday I could reproduce it every time…I guess its one of those things which you have to wait until the next time the conditions are just right! :slight_smile: Thanks for trying anyway. If I can find more info I will post here…By the way I am no 32 bit 8.0.10 K2600 i7 with 16 gig ram (1600mhz) Win 7 64 bit…

+1 in 8.0.20

Happening on stereo tracks too.

but it is Rotary’s Overdrive going into the bass rotor that is causing this.