Round bracket (parentheses) around just the left side of a note

I know how to put a round bracket around a single note. Is there a way to put the round bracket around the left side only and around the right side only. I have a passage of music where they want a round bracket on the left side of the first note. A few measures later they want a round bracket on the right side of the note. For example (note other notes other notes last note). Entering text via Shift-X, then going to engrave mode to position it seems to be the only way I can find to do it.

There isn’t an automatic way of showing only one bracket, I’m afraid.

This should helps: How to Use the Notehead Set Editor in Dorico Pro | Getting Started with Dorico 2 - YouTube

You can then add the left ( or the right ) as two new sets.

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I’ve created some new noteheads using the editor. Oddly, whenever I use the left parentheses notehead on a ledger line note, the ledger line is extended to the left as though the parentheses is the note. (I used a smufl notehead that looks like a left parentheses). I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere I need to change.

Not sure, but there are some strange things going on with brackets as seen in

Hopefully, it will be addressed in the ‘near future’.

If the parentheses is part of the notehead, then it will indeed be treated as part of the notehead.

In that circumstance, you may need to use a text item, disable its collision avoidance, and position it graphically in the right position.

I came looking to see if a left/right parenthesis was possible for optional passages, and got my answer: not for now.

So consider this a feature request: the ability to have a left OR right parenthesis, so that one might indicate that a passage is optional.

This comes up often in contrabass parts in orchestral writing, and in bass voice parts in choral writing.