Round Trip Latency Improved? Yes

I was getting excited about potentially buying this interface until I read that the round trip latency was terrible, as per this testing thread:

10.363 ms RTL at 64 buffer setting. It was tested using the 1.0.1 driver. Has this improved?

I want to move up from my M-Audio PCI card. The UR28M is a definite step up in features, but I also want it to give me appropriate latency. I can get just over 6 ms round trip latency with my M-Audio PCI card at 64 buffer setting. Are we there yet with the UR28M or is there any anticipation of achieving better results through driver improvements in the future (preferably near future).


if you need low latency then don’t use USB I would say. Even Firewire isn’t as low latency as PCI(e). I have 2x 816 and they’re great but my old RME HDSP will run rings round it for low latency performance. As I use the direct monitoring though it isn’t really that important to me so no big deal.


But I’m trying embrace the future. :mrgreen: Go mobile. Whatever else it is that I’m supposed to do.

Apparently the desktop is not yet dead. I don’t want to embrace a future with worse performance. Too bad Steinberg hasn’t made a PCI-e card yet. I hereby make such request.

With the latest driver update, apparent answer: yes. Case closed. :mrgreen: