Rounded brackets won't display using drawn curve

In measure 9 of this file, I can’t get the bracketed notehead (on the cue-size note in the treble clef) to display. It displays if I set the style to use the font glyph, but I prefer to use the drawn curve, so I can increase the thickness. When I do, however, it doesn’t display in Write mode.

If I switch to Engrave mode, I can get it to display handles, but when I click off, it disappears.

Any idea what’s going on?

is it possible because of the voicing? when i changed to normal it shown the bracket but the lyrics gone small if i change the note size … i guess you need Steinberg team support for this issue, sorry Dan :frowning: i am just a rookie in Dorico.

That is indeed curious. When I turned off automatic scaling and changed the size manually, the brackets remained only at sizes above 100%. Any reduction below 100% removes the brackets. You might have to resort to using a custom notehead set, although I’d be interested to hear from the team why such a workaround should be necessary.

There’s a little bug that’s causing the curve to be drawn with zero thickness. We’ve fixed this in our development builds, but I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do about this in the absence of a fix.

No problem, thanks Daniel.