Rounded slur ends?

In graphic drawing programs you can click a checkbox to make the end of your lines rounded over rather than just a perpendicular cutoff that makes a straight edge. Is there any way to do this to the ends of slurs in Dorico?

I don’t it is currently possible to have rounded end strokes in slurs/ties at the moment.

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It can’t be done in Finale, and I can’t find anything about it for Sibelius, either!

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I suggest a funny experience: export a PDF with a slur or tie from Sibelius and open it in a vector program. Go down the layers to isolate the slur’s components and separate them! You will see how slurs are drawn in practice!

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You can tell how the tips are shaped only when you zoom way in. Square tips on slurs and ties make no difference for practical viewing sizes, either on screen or in print.


That’s what I think also. OP, why do you want this?

I’m not totally sure, but I think the tool that engravers on copper used left square type ends, but I’d have to check this carefully.

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On traditionally engraved pages, any sharp edges would get rounded off, because the ink would naturally spread a bit over the paper.

That process doesn’t occur on laser/toner printers, so the question is whether we want to pretend we’re still doing hand engraving on traditional ink and paper, or should we rather just decide how we want want slurs to look on our modern methods. (A bit like pretending that we’re writing it by hand… :laughing:)

Notation apps have been guilty of having too wispy ends by default, though I think Dorico’s slurs are pretty good. (Notwithstanding some change to the shoulders and height.)

I do tend to agree that it’s almost imperceptible at usual sizes.

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Famed engraver Wess has (at least in the past) rounded off certain normally squared-off notational elements duplicating the inky effect benwiggy mentioned. The overall effect is warmer and more beautiful than normal computer engraving even though subtle.

I just noticed something very strange. Dorico is rounding off the edges on the sharps and double sharp symbol “alla Wess” when they are part of a triple sharp, but not when these symbols stand alone:


It’s not something very strange at all in Dorico, John. Bravura accidentals do have rounded edges. You must be using a music font that doesn’t have rounded edges for its regular accidentals, but doesn’t have a specific triple sharp symbol so is substituting in the one from Bravura.

You need to take it up with the developer of whichever music font you’re using.

edit: Finale Engraver doesn’t have a specific triple-sharp glyph. You could construct your own if you so wish, using the existing sharp and double-sharp glyphs, but then none of your accidentals will have rounded edges as that’s not what the makers of Finale Engraver went for.


Of course. Thanks, @pianoleo, I had forgotten for a moment that I was using Maestro sharps and double sharps! Yes, I now recall noticing that Bravura rounds off the accidentals exactly as Wess has done for quite a while now and being very impressed. I also just noticed that the ends of the piano braces are nicely rounded. The Finale-drawn braces have sharp, ugly ends.

So rounding other elements would fit well with Bravura.

I doubt I will ever have need for a triple sharp. I just happened to notice that in an example I had done recently for another thread regarding triple sharps.

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Graphire Music Press used to draw slurs with rounded corners. I’ve asked for a such feature some year ago.