Route an FX track to a Group track


Looks like this is possible in other versions but all my FX tracks can only route to the master, would be great if anyone has a workaround for LE to route an FX track to a group track.

Eg. Guitar routed to fx for delay or whathaveyou, rather than keyframing for each instance of guitar, but I want the FX to hit the same compressors etc as the guitars by routing to the group.

I have bought Pro but my projects are in LE and for various reasons I don’t want to risk a migration after months of work in LE.

Any advice hugely appreciated.

Currently I’ve been manually mixing these fx tracks but it slows down the process now that I’m using them more and more with increasingly complex projects.



You are right, this is not possible.

But you can right-click to the track and choose Add Track > Group Channel to Selected Channels.