Route audio from Cubase to Dorico

Anybody know how to do this?

Problem: I need to record the MIDI out from Dorico, so use virtual MIDI ports to shuttle it over to Cubase. I can ‘print’ a session to Cubase for further mixing, tweaking and such. Works great, except I’d like the audio to come back to Dorico. Why? Because Dorico has some nice tools for making quick temps and such without having to fuss in Cubase. I like the Export wav/mp3 functionality to share progress on something I"m working on.

Note: Cubase is the VST host in this case, which has many other advantages such as speeding up Dorico and being a more robust system. I looked at Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, but the model with that is that the client VST is the one that holds the MIDI. VEP7 can listen to the virtual MIDI ports also, but I don’t see a way to stitch together Dorico->VEP7->Cubase together in any fashion.

So ideally just a VST which outputs a soundcard audio bus. Simple thing seemingly buts searching for such a thing isn’t coming up with anything useful. Note my audio interface has a loopback bus, so all I need is a simple VST which can listen to that and push it up into Dorico, with Cubase being routed elsewhere through the loopback.