Route Audio to 2nd computer

I have a host and slave setup on windows computers. Cubase 5 is the host/master and Pro Tools 12 is the slave. I have them connected via Vienna Ensemble Pro, iPmidi, & ethernet clable.

How can I route the audio from cubase into protools. I would like to print the audio in pro tools. I prefer to mix in pro tools.

No, I don’t want to export from cubase and import into pro tools. I want to directly print from cubase into pro tools. Thank you.

Just take an output pair from the interface on the computer with Cubase on it and plug that into an input pair on the interface on the computer with PT on it.


Hello Tacman7,

Thank you for the reply. I am sorry, can you please provide a detailed step by step instruction. I am not sure hot to take an output pair from the interface and plug it into an input pair in pro tools.

Does each computer have an audio interface?

Like this:

Then two 1/4" audio cables to carry the stereo signal for each direction.

Old School method.

There might be a method to send it over the network cat 5 cable but I don’t think they had that in cubase 5.

I’ve never used that method though.

No just 1 computer has an interface. Mbox 3rd gen

What’s the point of using cubase?

I mean what are you using it for?

Which computer has the interface? PT?

Are you just needing more power for more VSTi’s?

Even the sound card on the cubase computer can put out audio, route that back to PT.

It would just be delayed because it’s not a low latency interface.

I would just move back and forth between them if there was something cubase could do that PT couldn’t.

I am using cubase to compose. PT, has the interface

Again, I don’t want to export / import. I want to route the audio from Cubase into pro tools so I can print directly without having to bounce in cubase in and import in pt. takes up WAY too much time, when dealing with orchestral templates.

Now obviously if you want to route audio from one destination to another, you need some kind of audio interface (Hard- or software) on both - one that sends, the other one receives

Audinate Dante Via & Virtual Sound Card combo?

I found a way to do it. Thank you all for your input. I really appreciate it

You could tell us but then you would have to kill us?

It is possible with an Virtual Audio Cable. That allows you to record any internal sounds you computer is processing at lossless quality.