Route few channels into the the same plugin insert


Playing with NI Reaktor FX (as an insert effect)
wish to feed it with more than one source (e.g. Vocoder sake),
people in NI forum insist that it can be done:
(towards the end of the thread)

However as far as I know, Cubase doesn’t let you assign other channels’ outputs into another channel insert (except sidechain, which BTW, doesn’t exist in this plugin…)

Am I wrong?
Is it possible to route more than one channel into the same plugin insert??



You can add a Group Channel, place the Insert effect here and route the outputs (or Sends) of the tracks to this Group.

Of course, but then ReaktorFX could not reference them each separately, which is the goal.

There’s somebody there (NI forum) claims that in StudioOne he routes different channels into ReaktorFX,
which refers them as separated inputs!! input 1, input 2,3,4 and so on.

Is this really can be done in StudioOne? I find it hard to believe that Cubase misses such a feature suppose it really exists in StudioOne and this guy knows what he’s talking about…

Here is this NI guy reply just from this very moment:

“if you can route one track to another track, try doing that, then putting reaktor fx on and make two additional inputs, then route those inputs to the outputs. Play an audio file on the routed track and see if you hear it. I’m getting creative here… I guess there aren’t a lot of cubase on today. All the stuff I found on google was from past versions but you could definatly route multiple tracks to a VST.”

Is there true in his claim?

The Group Channel could be multi-channel (like 8 channels, for example). Then you can route the outputs of the Audio tracks to the dedicated channel of the Group.

Maybe this will help.

Nice paper. I followed it seemingly successfully, but sadly I couldn’t make Reaktor inner inputs 3-4 make sound.

OK, it’s new for me.
But although I manage to create new this Quadro group,
and I managed to send each channel to another pair of inputs,
still the internal plugin don’t get signal to inputs 3-4.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…:frowning:

But you use the Reaktor FX Surround Plugin right?
Once you created the Quadro Group and assigned 2 child busses and than use the Reaktor FX Surround plugin you should be fine. Works for me here. And of course the 2 Audiotracks you want to route into reaktor must be routet to the different child busses you created
Tried this even with a 6.0 Setup and 3 child busses so that you can route 3 audiotrack on it. Works!!

And if you set all Child busses as mono in the 6.0 configuration you can actually route 6 mono tracks into reaktor.

Yep, my busses are routed as you describes.
There is no Surround version for Reaktor 6 FX…

OK, I replaced the plugin from Reaktor-6 FX to the Reaktor5 FX Surround version,
and still no signal on inputs 3-4

Attached is a screenshot of my small test configuration.

OK i see. I only tested it with a 6.0 music Group Bus and there i works like it should. I assumed this would work with a Quadro Track as well but to my surprise you are right. it doesn’t. Probably Reaktor doesn’t know what to do with a Quadro Track since it supports 6 channels. Try a 6.0 Music Group Track instead. There you can assign up to three stereo child busses. It should work than.

Does Reaktor 6 only come with one plugin? I don’t thing they ditched Surround? Maybe Reaktor 6 is always capable and there are no different versions needed anymore?

OK, Finally made it work…!

For now with Reaktor 5 Surround version only.
Reaktor 6 FX still doesn’t get signal to inputs 3-4,
but that’s really an NI thing right now.

Thank you very much Novikthewise for this tough one… :slight_smile: