Route Halion Soinic through specific output bus

I want to make my projects more easily exportable for ProTools systems. I have created separate buses for different tracks to facilitate that. Is there a way to set the output bus for this? I’ve looked and can’t seem to find the option.


To set the ouput bus for what? Generally You can route where you want, depending on what software younare talking.

This is Elements 9.5 on Windows 10. I am using Halion Sonic SE3. I can’t find on option to specify a standard output bus the way I can with audio as shown in the attached captures…

I created an output bus for the bass track but I can’t find a way to assign that track to that bus. That’s my issue.
Hopefully this clears up the question.


If you’re looking to export separate tracks to import to another DAW, you can simply use “Batch Export”. Not quite sure if that feature is available in Elements though. If so, it will export all the tracks you select, separately.

If you don’t have that feature, you can only route to the outputs that are available in your interface. If that is set up correctly, you should see your output options at the top of your mix console under “routing”.

You can do it in the mix comsole in the „routing“ rack.

Perfect! Thank you