Route Kick Drum To Synth

I have Superior Drummer 3 routed to separate channels in CB8.5, so that I have the kick on a a channel on its own. I want to route the Kick in Superior so it simultaneously also plays a kick in Serum (or any other synth for that matter). How do I set up the routing? (If possible). I have just spent some hours trying to figure it out, but alas no result.

Does Serum have an option to input external sound that then triggers an internal sound?
Otherwise you need a VSTI/-Fx that converts audio to MIDI, which then feeds the synth.

I am pretty clueless here but I will try to find out.

But it seems that Superior transmits MIDI out. Is it not any way of Serum (or another synth) could “pick” that up instead of an audio signal?

Of course it can. But to me it seemed, you wrote about single audio out tracks.

Is Serum a Plugin Synth or an external Synth?

I don’t know Superior Drummer but to use Groove Agent this way you’d just set the Input of your other Synth (Serum?) to be the Groove Agent’s MIDI output…can this not be done for Superior Drummer?

If SD3 has a MIDI output then yes.

I thought the OP said it had…but that seemed a bit obvious?

What I can do:
I can set Superior to MIDI out. I can set Serum to MIDI in, thus playing Superior Drummer the sound comes from Serum and the preset(s) chosen there. However this solution does not seem to give any sound from Superior Drummer at all, just from Serum. And one more thing; all the keys will yield a Serum sound and I just want the kick and only the kick to sound, from both Superior Drummer and Serum at the same time, the rest of the keys should yield the drum sounds.

I also have a bunch of other drum software (Groove Agent among them) and a bunch of other synths so if you know how to route your drum software to even up with any synth, please write down the procedure. Most likely I have the same thing and perhaps even the same thing will work with Superior/Serum or if not I can change the instruments.

BTW I tried Groove Agent and I can get it to route theMIDI signals to Serum, but here also I seem to “loose” the drum sounds.

I know I can do a work around by copying the Kick notes from the MIDI file in Superior Drummer and copy that into the Serum track, but then I must remember to make changes in both tracks. Intuitively there should be possible to have both sounds from only one MIDI track, right?

On the Sirum track set the the MIDI input filter to restrict the notes it responds to. The rest of the explanation makes no sense. Setting the MIDI out should affect how the MIDI in works. But, I dont have SD so not sure how to do the routing there.

Why does it not make sense? This is in fact my problem. Several hrs spent trying to figure it out. Perhaps it’s impossible. However I do not understand why it is not possible. As mentioned; you do not need Superior Drummer or the Serum synth to answer. Any drum software and any synth will do and I can figure it out from there.

I have the drum software on separate MIDI channels (so I can tweak each drum individually in the mixer in Cubase). I want to mix the kick in the drum software (mix - not replace) with a kick from a synth. I want to hear both kicks at the same time. I want to record on one MIDI track, and one track only, and I want that track to give signals to both the drum software and the synth, simultaneously.

As mentioned; the workaround is to have two MIDI tracks, one for the Kick drum in the drum software and one for the synth. This is however a cumbersome solution when editing.

Why does this not make sense?

Sorry, what didn’t make sense is not being able to hear SD if you enable the MIDI send. By default the drums are going to send on one channel, separated by note. So, it is simple to set the Serum track to filter for the kick note. But, none of that should have anything to do with hearing SD.

Then I guess I must be setting this up incorrectly. I can only hear one of them at a time.

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Now that we know you are using a MIDI track and not Audio, nor SD3 internal MIDI data: Use a MIDI send…

Did I mention Audio somewhere? Well anyway, this is a dark country in Cubase for me, even after 13 years with it. So please forgive an unprecise description of the problem and I am afraid I need more instructions to get along.

I had assumed you were doing this at the time of record (sorry if I confused you) but if after then it’s just with MIDI send as Svennilenni says.

For this, you do need to be using a MIDI track NOT an instrument Track.

Turn on a MIDI send on the recorded drum track.
It will show “Not connected”.
Click on this and select the synth —track you want to play at the same time as the drum track. The input for this track should be set to All MIDI inputs.

No you didn’t. You mentioned explicitly that you have “SD3 routed to separate channels, so you have the kickdrum on its own”. so I assumed we were talking about audio. Then you mentioned SD3 outputting MIDI, which then made me assume, we are talking about the SD3 playing back the MIDI data.

Well, thanks to you guys I am almost there. First I found the hidden MIDI send button. I can now hear both the drums and the synth. Great stuff. This calls for a large beer!

Only thing I need to figure out now is how I get the synth to “restrict the notes it is listening to” in the “MIDI input filter” wherever that is?

It’s the tracks input transformer button. It gives you options for setting ranges and such.