Route MIDI plugin output to VST parameters

Dear Steinberg folks,

After having worked just 3 weeks with Cubase 10, I can already say it really totally rocks. Somehow, I can’t say why exactly because I’m already so used to it (which is probably one of the reasons), but it seems a major improvement again.

Just one feature request though. I’d really like to see it be easier to route the output of MIDI plugins (e.g. autoLFO) to arbitrary parameters of VST effect inserts.

I know some VST effects (e.g. the FabFilter plugins) already allow you to do this straight away. But a lot don’t - including your own Morph Filter (which seems to be crying out for being driven by the autoLFO).

Also, I know you can accomplish this using MIDI loopback software, and that works sort of OK. But it is pretty cumbersome.

Besides (bug report), it seems to only work if the track with the VST plugin that you drive with the MIDI plugin is selected. At least with the combination I use: loopMIDI loopback software + MorphFilter + autoLFO. That would make it impossible to MIDI-drive VST effect plugins on other tracks.