Route MIDI/Vst Instruments to Effects Channel

It seems quite often that although VST Instruments have some optional built in effects, such as chorus or reverb, they invariably seem weak. It seems like these don’t accurately modify or have a clear effect on the sound. It usually just makes the VST instrument muddy or unnatural sounding, it seems like it never sounds the real or natural instrument sound is going through effects.

So…I want to route a VST instrument to another channel to put some “real” or better effects on it. HOWEVER, it’s not a literal wave file…so how can I do this?

CornFuzed in Columbus

A couple of suggestions to try…

  • From a midi or instrument track you can just click on the edit channel setting (button looks like an “e”). You can add other inserts/effects there.

  • Do a “Render in Place” on the midi or instrument track to create an audio track. Then add other insets there.

Regards :sunglasses: