Route offline plugin through MASTER while using STUDIO

Just seeing if I’m missing a preference here.
When using the Control Room, they say “shut off routing for master outs!”
But then when I try to apply an offline vst plugin the preview bypasses my master out channel.
This is not ideal because usually I use an offline process to just tweak say the EQ on one little piece of dialog, but to dial it in in Preview, I’m now missing the final limiting that I have applied on my master channel, so it becomes hard to match/fix what I had in mind to do.

Just wondering if there’s a routing preference or some trick I’m missing.

Use Control Room Monitor 1 as your main output. All internal Cubase windows (MediaBay, Import Audio, offline processors preview…) routes the signal throught this output.

Set the Stereo Out of the Output tab to Not Connected, and Monitor 1 of Studio tab as your main output. See my screenshots.

Don’t forget to route Click into the Monitor 1 in the Control Room Overveiw.
Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.52.31.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.51.53.png
Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.51.50.png

thanks for the charts. I think that’s how I have it set up though. I’ll take a peak at that Overview window which I forgot about.

Can you confirm that:
In an example file, Master channel has some mastering plugins on it like Ozone; some compression, limiting, etc
Then you choose an audio clip (for instance a bit of dialog on track 1) and pick from the Audio Menu, Plugins, EQ and try the Preview function of said plugin, you’re actually passing through the Master channel before hitting the Studio out?

Bo, the output of the offline process window doesn’t go throught the Main Output. So plug-ins, you are inserted on the Master Fader are not applied.

The routing is following:
Track -> Stereo Out (Master fader) -> Monitor 1 -> hardware
offline process window (or MediaBay window…) -> Monitor 1 -> hardware