Route output of mono track to L of stereo buss & another to the R of the buss

Cubase Pro 11
Windows 10

So I am working on a session for a friend who is also a client.
On a real board this is pretty standard stuff but for the life of me Cubase will not allow to do this.

Hard pan 1 mono track L and another R then send them to a stereo group buss for processing?

I have 4 mono guitar tracks,
track 1 - guitar
track 2 - guitar (copy of track 1)
track 3 - guitar (played 1 octive lower than track 1)
track 4 - guitar (copy of track 3)

I need to pan Track 1 & 3 hard left and 2 & 4 hard right and these then go into a stereo gtr buss for processing BUT, retaining the hard left and right panning…

All 4 tracks are mono Wav files imported into cubase as mono audio tracks.
When first imported cubase showed the panners and I was able to set the pans.
I then selected all 4 and added a Group channel on the selected channels and again, I was able to set the group channels pan L & R.
I saved the session.

Today I have just opened it and there are no panning controls showing in the Gtr channels or Group channel.

I have been googleing for the last hour or so and I am unable to find an answer.

The panning of mono channels L & R is on every hardware desk I have ever used so whats up with Cubase?

Panning Controls won’t show up if wherever the Channel is being routed to is Mono. Most likely you have some Mono Group Channel along the way.

If the issue still remains screen shots are really useful to see the exact settings being used.

Hi raino

As I said in my post, the 4 guitar tracks are mono but they did have panners before I closed
cubase and didn’t when I reopened it?

Screenshots please?